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Luas Cross City – advice for cycling over tram rails

Luas Cross City – advice for cycling over tram rails


As the Luas Cross City project develops, tram rails are appearing on the streets of Dublin City Centre.
Please be aware that on the northbound carriage of O’Connell St., just north of the Spire, there is now a section of the road with tram rails embedded in it. Pedestrians and cyclists in particular should be aware of this new road layout.

Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes users are advised to heed the below guidelines for their comfort and safety when cycling over tram rails:

  *   Be careful during wet or icy weather as the tram rails can be slippery

  *   When crossing tram rails do so as close as possible to a right angle

  *   Where possible avoid braking whilst on tram rails

  *   Do not ride immediately adjacent to a tram rail as cycle wheels may be caught in the tram rail groove

For more information on road safety visit

For more information on Luas Cross City visit


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