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All the news on Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes and travel in your city.

Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes - the stats

Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes have taken almost 9.5 million journeys around Dublin since the scheme was launched. See all the latest figures here:

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Pearse Street Station - back up and running

The ESB fault at Pearse St has been repaired so station 32 is fully functional again.

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Station Closure: Dame Street

Due to an event taking place in Barnardo’s Square on 31 December, station 10 (Dame Street) will be closed from approximately 2:00 pm on Monday 29 December through to approximately 10:00 am on Friday 2 January.

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Cycle Safely this winter

During these darker months it is even more important that all road users stay alert and aware to maintain a high standard of safety on our roads. As cyclists can be a vulnerable category of road user, the Road Safety Authority has created these guidelines to promote safe cycling on our roads:

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Station Closure - Merrion Square West

Due to a protest in the vicinity of the station at Merrion Square West (26) this station will be closed from approximately 11:30 am on Wednesday 10th December to approximately 10:00 am the following morning.

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Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes update: Restricted Access to Leinster Street South

Access to Station 21 (Leinster Street South) is currently restricted due to pavement upgrade works being carried out by Dublin City Council.

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50,000 annual members for Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes!

The Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes scheme reached a new milestone today with 50,000 members now currently signed up for annual membership

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Dublin Marathon 2014 - Impact on Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes Scheme

To facilitate the Dublin Marathon 2014, on Monday 27 October, seven stations will be closed.

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Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes Turns 5!

Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes is celebrating its 5th birthday today. The bike sharing scheme has revolutionised cycling and public transport in Dublin since its launch. To date, there have been almost 8 million bike journeys on the streets of Dublin and members have taken over 2.5 million journeys in the last year alone.

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Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes reflection

'Crossing the Liffey'

Taken by Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes user Manizheh Nazari

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