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Just Eat dublinbikes Service Update

Just Eat dublinbikes Service Update

Temporary Station Restrictions – Convention Centre (65), New Central Bank (66) and The Point (67). Read more


How does it work?

All you need to know about Just Eat dublinbikes, the bike sharing scheme for Dublin city.

  How does it work? 

Just Eat dublinbikes FAQ's

How to associate and use a Leap Card?

What happens if a station is full and I can’t return my bike?

How do I lock the bike?

How do I renew or cancel my Just Eat dublinbikes subscription?

How do I contact the call centre from outside of Ireland?


Contact Us

For telephone queries please contact 1850 777 070 or 01 424 7605, for Email queries please click below

Road Safety Guidelines

Road Safety Guidelines

Some safety recommendations and helpful tips to travel with complete peace of mind around the city on Just Eat dublinbikes.

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