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Road Safety Guidelines

Road Safety Guidelines


Some safety recommendations and helpful tips to travel with complete peace of mind around the city using Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes.

As is proper safety practice, the bikes are regularly serviced to ensure they are fit for their intended use at all times.


  • Respect road signs and signals (red lights, one-way streets, stop signs, etc.).
  • Rules of the Road apply to all road users.
  • Do not cycle on footpaths.
  • Cycle in single file even when cycling in a group.
  • Signal changes of direction with your arm.
  • Watch out for vehicle doors opening.
  • Do not undertake vehicles if they are turning left.
  • On the road, keep left. Unless specific paths are provided, you must follow this rule to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.
  • Always consider your own safety and that of others at all times.
  • Be aware of other cyclists and ensure they can always see you.
  • Always look out for pedestrians, particularly at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.
  • Always be alert to what’s happening around you. Wearing headphones while cycling is not advised.
  • When you brake in an emergency, keep your weight on the saddle.


Advice from Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes

Before you set out, here are some helpful tips to make your journey comfortable and safe.

  • Adjust the saddle to waist level; you should be able to put your feet on the ground.
  • Check the brakes, tyres and lighting are working.
  • Adapt your speed to suit weather conditions.
  • Wear reflective clothing in bad weather conditions and at night.
  • Do not transport passengers; the bikes are designed to carry only one person.
  • We recommend that you wear a cycling helmet and high visibility clothing.


Your liability 

  • You must adhere to the Terms and Conditions.
  • To use Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes, you must be at least 14 years of age (minimum height: 1.5M).
  • Public liability insurance covering cycling related accidents is recommended to use the service.
  • When returning your bike, ensure that it is locked correctly on its stand.
  • Use the anti-theft device if you are leaving your bike for a short period.
  • You must return your bike within 24 hours. After that, the guarantee of €150 will be debited and the bike will be reported stolen.
  • Do not lend the bike or your subscription card to any other person (you are bound by the Terms and Conditions).

Check out the RSA’s guidelines for cyclists

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"Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes at Grand Canal"
Image Credit: Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes user Eliana Martinez.

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