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Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes – the stats!


One of the most successful shared bikes schemes in Europe, Dubliners and visitors to the capital love Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes. See below for usage details.

Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes at a glance:

  • Over 42,000 long term subscribers
  • Almost 5,000 short term subscriptions so far this year (2014)
  • Over 7 million rentals since launch
  • Average journey time 13 minutes
  • 95% of rentals are free, i.e. under 30 minutes
  • Busiest usage day so far: 11,096 rentals on 12th June 2014

All information accurate as at June 2014


Image Credit: Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes user Bazphoon.

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