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dublinbikes to be extended

dublinbikes to be extended


Since the launch of dublinbikes in September 2009 the popularity of the scheme has gone from strength to strength, so much so that Dublin City Council has decided to extend and consolidate the network.

With over 40,000 subscribers to date it’s little wonder that the 1 millionth rental occurred last weekend, on the 14th August, less than one year since the scheme launched. Given this level of use, 287 new bike stands will be a welcome addition to the network, helping to ease congestion at peak times.

Construction work is set to commence in mid August to extend 20 of the existing 40 stations and to add 4 new stations – Harcourt Terrace, Eccles Street East, Smithfield North and the 4th new station location to be confirmed. At present most stations accommodate 20 bikes, but after this expansion half of them will take 30 bikes. Construction work on existing stations will have minimal impact on users as we will be able to keep each station operational throughout the works. In addition, 100 new bikes will be available to subscribers which brings the fleet up to a total of 550 bikes. Look out for the new bikes and stands appearing on a street near you soon!

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"Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes at Grand Canal"
Image Credit: Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes user Eliana Martinez.

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