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dublinbikes station news

dublinbikes station news


Two new dublinbikes stations have opened at Portobello Road and Upper Sherrard Street. dublinbikes would also like to remind subscribers that Station 35 at Smithfield is closed due to redevelopment work in the area.

The two new dublinbike stations add an additional 60 stands for subscribers and a greater spread of stations across the city. This is in addition to new stations at Harcourt Terrace (Station 41) and Smithfield North (Station 42) which opened recently.

Station 43 at Portobello Road has a credit card enabled terminal which means 3 Day Tickets can be purchased at this station.

While redevelopment work is ongoing in the Smithfield area, subscribers can avail of nearby stations including Smithfield North, Greek Street and Ormond Quay Upper.




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