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dublinbikes gets double decker service

dublinbikes gets double decker service


You may have seen the latest addition to dublinbikes’ fleet of regulation vehicles on the city’s streets. With a capacity for 30 bikes, the new vehicle is an example of the ongoing investment in dublinbikes and has pushed the envelope in terms of design for a bike share rental scheme regulation vehicle.

The increased capacity suits the new larger stations and will be put to lots of use when the expansion of the scheme gets underway*.

Speaking about the continued investment in the dublinbikes scheme, Nick Roberts, Technical Director of JCDecaux Ireland said “we are extremely proud of the success of dublinbikes. It is widely considered to be one of the most successful bike share rental schemes in the world and we are always looking for ways to enhance the service. The new regulation vehicle with increased capacity is an example of our commitment to providing the best possible support system for dublinbikes”.

 *The extension of dublinbikes East to the Docklands and West to Heuston station will include additional stations in a number of key locations in the city. The total number of stations will increase to 102 and there will be 1,500 bikes.