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Saint Patrick's Festival 2017

Saint Patrick's Festival 2017


Impact on Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes stations during the St. Patrick’s Festival 2017 (Thursday 16th - Monday 20th March)

To facilitate the Saint Patrick’s Festival, several dublinbikes stations will be closed or service will be restricted for periods between Thursday 16th – Monday 20th March.


The stations affected, dates and times are shown below:


STATION:                                 CLOSED FROM:           RE-OPENS: 

(30) Parnell Sq N.                      15:00 Thurs 16th              17:00 Fri 17th

(6) Christchurch Pl.                    15:00 Thurs 16th              17:00 Fri 17th

(71) Kevin St                               15:00 Thurs 16th            17:00 Fri 17th

(14) Fownes St                          15:00 Thurs 16th             17:00 Fri 17th

(102) Western Way                    15:00 Thurs 16th             17:00 Fri 17th

(10) Dame St                              15:00 Thurs 16th            17:00 Fri 17th

(33) Prince's St                           15:00 Thurs 16th             17:00 Fri 17th


(11) Earlsforth Terrace                00:30 Wed 15th                10:00 Fri 17th


(23) Custom House                   15:00 Thurs 16th                 10:00 Mon 20th

(26)  Merrion Sq. West              15:00 Thurs 16th                 10:00 Mon 20th


Please note the times quoted above are approximate and subject to change.

Due to related traffic restrictions there may be some further impact on the Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes service as a result of the festivities. We apologise for any inconvenience caused which is beyond our control.

Please keep an eye on for further news.

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"Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes at Grand Canal"
Image Credit: Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes user Eliana Martinez.

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