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Flora Women’s Mini Marathon - Impact on dublinbikes (updated 30th May)

Flora Women’s Mini Marathon - Impact on dublinbikes (updated 30th May)


To facilitate the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, three stations will be closed from approx. 10pm on Sun 1st June to approx. 7pm on Monday 2nd June.

The following stations will close:

Merrion Square West (26)

Fitzwilliam Square East (89)

Wilton Terrace (39)

It will not be possible to rent or return a db to/from these stations during these times. Access may be restricted to other stations bound by the race route on the day.

dublinbikes users are advised not to cycle on the race route during the course of the event and should heed the directions of official race stewards.

This week, three new stations have opened as part of the dublinbikes expansion. They are:

Station 83 Emmet Road

Station 85 Rothe Abbey

Station 98 Frederick Street South

Please keep an eye on the dublinbikes website for updates.


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