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1850 777 070 or 01 424 7605

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Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes - latest figures

Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes - latest figures


60,000 people are currently signed up for annual membership to Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes. View the latest figures here...

Current Valid Long Term Subscribers : 60,187

Short Term Subscribers (YTD) : 4,003

Journeys (YTD) : 1,293,902

Journeys (since launch) : 14,705,855

Average Duration of Journey (YTD) : 14 Minutes

Percentage of Journeys Free (YTD) : 96%

Busiest Usage Date Ever : 8/10/2015

Journeys on Busiest Day : 17,222

(As at 30th April, 2016)


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