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Laya Healthcare City Spectacular

Station 25 (Merrion Square East) will be closed from approx. 3pm on Fri 8th July until 10.30am on Mon 11th July to facilitate the Laya Healthcare City Spectacular festival which will be held in the area over that weekend.

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Smithfield Stations - temporary closure for the screening of Ireland V France

Smithfield stations 35 & 42 will be closed from approx.2pm on Saturday 25th June until approx.10am on Mon 27th June to facilitate the Ireland V France match being screened in Smithfield square.

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VHI Women’s Mini Marathon - Bank Holiday Monday 6th June 2016 - Impact on Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes

To facilitate the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon the following stations will be closed from approx. 6am until approx. 7pm on Monday 6th June.
• Merrion Square West (26)
• Fitzwilliam Square East (89)

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Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes - latest figures

60,000 people are currently signed up for annual membership to Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes. View the latest figures here...

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Temporary Station Closure - Merrion Square East (25)

Merrion Square East (station 25) will be closed from Friday 29th April at approx. 6pm until Monday 2nd May at approx. 10am to facilitate the Gumball 3000 Rally being held in the city centre over the weekend.

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Dublin Remembers 1916 - 5k Race

There may be some disruption to Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes stations on Sunday 24th April due to the Dublin Remembers 1916 5k race being held in the city centre.

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Station News: Temporary Station Disruptions due to Easter Rising Events in the City.

Due to the Easter Parade on Sunday, 27th March and the Easter Rising events on Monday, 28th March the following stations will be closed from Sat 26th through to Tuesday 29th and others may have restricted access.

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Saint Patrick’s Festival 2016

Impact on Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes stations during the St. Patrick’s Festival 2016 (Wed 16th - Sun 20th March)

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Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes – Update 29th Jan 2016

All Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes stations are now fully reconnected following a technical issue earlier today.

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