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Service Update

In response to Met Eireann Red Alert and the extreme weather conditions, the Just Eat dublinbikes service has been suspended and stations will remain closed until further notice.

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Service Update

In response to Met Eireann warnings and the forecasted extreme weather conditions, we wish to advise subscribers to check, the Just Eat dublinbikes app and @DubCityCouncil for updates in advance of using the scheme.

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Temporary Station Closure - Benson Street (90)

Station 90, Benson Street, will be closing on the evening of 4th March 2018, and will remain closed until the end of June 2018.

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Temporary Reduction in Stand Availability to Facilitate ESB Works

There will be temporary reduction in stand availability at Benson Street over the weekend (26th to 29th January) to facilitate ESB works in the area.

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Cycling Safety

The Road Safety Authority lists these helpful guidelines for cyclists to stay safe on our roads…

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Temporary Station Closures to facilitate the New Year's Festival in Dublin

Customs House (23) and George's Quay (16) will be affected...

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Temporary Station Closure - Customs House (23)

Station 23 Customs House will be closed from approx. 4pm on Wednesday, 22nd November, until approx. 5am on Thursday, 23rd November.

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Temporary Station Closure - Barrow Street (70)

Station 70 (Barrow Street) will be closed from 6am on Saturday 18th November to approx 6pm on Sunday 19th November to facilitate building works in the area.

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Service Update: Dublin Marathon 2017

To facilitate the 2017 Dublin Marathon, a number of Just Eat dublinbike stations will be closed.

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Service Update

All Just Eat dublinbikes stations are now open following yesterday's closure.

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