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For telephone queries please contact : 
1850 777 070 or 01 424 7605

Or by email :

Stations and bikes

What are stands at the stations for? How are the bikes locked? The FAQ provides you with information on the stations, their operation and the design of bikes.

How do I check that the bike is locked correctly?

When you have completed your journey simply locate the nearest station with available stands. An audio signal of 2 beeps and a green indicator light confirm that the bike is locked correctly and your usage is complete. If there are no available stands at the station, use the terminal to locate a nearby station with availability and Just Eat dublinbikes will give you 15 minutes free of charge to get there.

If you are unable to lock the bike correctly please try again at another available stand, failing that contact the Call Centre at 1850 777 070. An advisor will handle your request.

What happens if I don’t return the bike before 12.30am?

You can return your bike at any station 24 hours a day. However you cannot hire a bike between the hours of 12.30am and 5am.


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